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Corinth is not the busiest place, but in ancient times it was a bustling and thriving commercial centre.

The city was famous for its Temple of Aphrodite, which employed more than 1,000 prostitutes, many of whom charged exorbitant sums for their services, so much so that Greeks from other city states complained that not everyone could go to Corinth. Lais lived in the temple and was therefore one of the prostitutes in it, and therefore she is the one with the "temple of prostitutes" and the "aphrodites."

Most visitors to Corinth prefer Loutraki, but Vouliagmeni is so close to Athens that there are possibilities to stay in a hotel or on the beach and still come to the city to see the sights. You can embark on a private trip from Athens to Corinth to explore the history of Greece in a comfortable and fun way. If you need to go somewhere for a day, you can also be in Vouvos or even on a private tour to the Temple of Aphrodite.

If you are in Athens and you do not want to go to Corinth alone, you can also book a day trip to ancient Corinth. From Athens we stop at Vouliagmeni and then drive to the ancient city of Corinth, stopping at the Temple of Aphrodite and the ruins of the Temple of Zeus in the city. Our Corinth Tour from Athens to Athens starts from our accommodation and we will meet our guide and driver there. We will stop in Loutraki for a few hours before returning to Athens through the Corinth Channel.

This archaeological site is one of the best in Greece, with ancient temples and shrines dramatically placed in a ski resort, making it a good place to visit all year round. After Athens, our tour leads north to Thermopylae, and a nice way to see all this in one day is to join a guided tour that takes you through Epidaurus, Mycenae and Nauplia.

If you cannot find a bus or taxi to take you to Hermioni, Porto Helli or Galata, you can take the hydrofoil from Athens to Corinth. There are buses to Athens, but if you want to book one between Corinth and Athens, it is not necessary to order one. Booking with the Corinth Taxi Union would be a safe option, as would the rest of the trip.

If you are ready to return to Athens, you will find a good bus station near the ocean. After all, those who have visited Athens before are often offered cruise ships for a day in Athens. After spending the day in ancient Corinth and the Corinth Channel, most people are tired and leave the upper town when they visit the city.

In the area there are several cafes and boutiques, and there are a number of restaurants, cafes, bars, restaurants and even a few bars. Rafina is not a bad starting point, as you can easily visit all the sights from Athens by bus or taxi. Taxi is a popular means of transport in Greece and it is very easy and convenient to find a taxi in Athens or Corinth, as they are both large cities and taxis that are common means of transport throughout Greece. If you are on the street, you will find many cafes and restaurants in the upper town of Corinth and the surrounding area, but there is no shortage of shops and restaurants in this part of the city.

The ruins of ancient Corinth are also much more accessible and are one of the most important tourist attractions in Greece that should not be missed. The ruins of ancient Corinthians are a major tourist attraction and a very important part of Corinthian history.

Follow our guide to find out how to create your own unique travel experience and check out the rest of our Greek tours. We promise to experience Greece in a way that few visitors have done before, with a unique and unique view of the history, culture and history of Greece.

On, to plan your trip to Greece, we give you the best tips and routes. If you are travelling to Athens or Santorini on your own, look for parties in Athens and Istanbul or find Contiki tours in Europe. Discover our articles about Greece and learn more about our Contikis Tour of Europe, the most popular tour in Greece. From there we have listed a few articles to help you plan your trips to Greece. To start the journey, drive from Athens to the west to the south - west part of the island of Crete and then north - east towards the city of Athens.

From Kalamata you can visit one of the most popular tourist attractions of the island, the ancient city of Crete. From here, buses run to the city of Kalymnos and on to Santorini, a popular destination for tourists and locals.

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More About Corinth